What a lovely show at the Marche Bakery! A lovely cafe, delicious pastries and a fantastic audience!


A piece written by Clara Rose while hiking the West Coast Trail in 2012.

Fiddles and vocals by Clara Rose
Video by Bill Roscell

last week my grandfather passed away. for more details, please visit my mum’s blog:  www.carmenrosen.wordpress.com

Over the last week (and a bit), we have walked 130 km. it has been amazing to live in this different culture, for almost 2 whole weeks (we didn’t start walking right away when we got here).

We have taken 3 days of rest now, and are going to continue walking tomorrow.

the places we stay at are very different each night, some are awesome and very hospitable, while others… anyway, on the whole I am having a great time. =)

last thursday (the 13th) I opened Ksenia and Josie’s case (Ksenia Spunk is my fiddle and Josie Flew, my bow) for the first time in a church in Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole. I played for many other pilgrims, but mostly for mum and me. the sound was amazing, the resonance that the stone walls, were holding was spectacular. we managed to get one recording of my improvisation.

This morning I played in a church at Saint Chély d’Aubrac (where we are staying now in a very nice Gites). We got four recordings, 2 with my bow, one with just pitz, and another with some random percussion. Once again the acoustics were brilliant, and the sound was georgeous.

I will try to post some of these recordings if I can figure out how to. =P

The French really know how to eat. really! as I sit here, smelling the preparations for tonight’s meal waft by, I will tell of the amazing food they have, here in France. first of all, dinner lasts at least 2 hours every night and is huge!!!  they’ll come out with an appetizer ( lentil soup, nettle soup, vol au vent or some other amazing treat) and then whisk that away and bring out the main course (sometimes after a second appetizer) and that will be (of course) amazing. some of the delicious things we’ve had so far, are Aligot (a mix of potatoes, cheese and garlic) which is delicious and very filling, Lentils and Sausages (simple, but tasty), and Polenta (cheese and corn, where can you go wrong?).  then, comes te plate of cheese ( well you can imagine) and then the desserts. desert is often fruit or omething, but sometimes……..they are SO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!

Everyone will eat at a large table together, chatting and having a great time.

Anyway…….. I’m missing you all a lot and Ican’t wait to see you again (even though I’m loving France), but I have to go now, because I’ve used more than my fair share of time on the computer here.

Love you all!!!

Clara =)

yes! we’re here!!!! It’s very exciting and also very different!!! it is very strange that everyone speaks french here and there is so little English. the culture is also very different.

Today will be our 4rd day of walking. Yesterday we walked 19 km!!! It was really tough terraine and we were both carrying a lot of weight. Today all of our muscles ache.

it is very hard to sleep at night because of the 9 hours of difference.

I am slowly learning some french but it is very hard. I have about 12 sentences that I can say and mum says the rest. I can also sort of string together a very messed up sentence if I try really hard.

people here are also very nice and try to speak english with me when they can.

I miss everyone of you back home!!!!

à Bientot!

Clara (Claire in Frainçais)

Today is the day! We leave tonight and land in Paris @ 5:30 pm tomorrow!

Even though I’m somewhat terrified I’m really excited and can’t wait!

While in France and Spain I will try to blog on the weekends.

The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage route that my mum and I will be walking on through France and Spain until we get to Santiago de Compostella (St. James of the Field of Stars). I’m very busy with my mum as we prepare to walk the Camino. 4 more days until we leave on Tuesday. I am still refining exactly what I will be bringing. I have to weigh all of my clothes and compromise what I can bring. This weekend we will be figuring out how to fit my fiddle into my backpack so that I may carry it all over Europe. I can’t wait!